Who Needs Donovan & Bocanegra?

Donovan & Bocanegra

Landon Donovan and Carlos Bocanegra have no hope of playing for the United States Men’s National Team. At least until the Gold Cup in July.

Jürgen Klinsmann’s decision to leave out two national team leaders in Donovan and Bocanegra has angered US fans. And believe me, I understand your pain. I too was upset at Klinsmann over his choice to leave two legends put of the team. But then I started thinking…

Klinsmann’s goal is to bring the USMNT in a new direction. The only way he can do that is by giving other players a shot, who wouldn’t have had a chance before. Addition by subtraction. This national team is in a transitional period where they must develop a playing style, while growing chemistry between the young players. Every team must go through this phase at some point. No exceptions.

Yes, the team does lose leadership and experience, but so far, the US sits in second place in World Cup Qualifying – good enough to make the World Cup. Right now, Klinsmann’s job is to qualify for next year’s World Cup. If the team can get there without Landon Donovan and Carlos Bocanegra, great. If they can’t, the Jürgen Klinsmann will have some explaining to do.



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